We really want to share with you those emotions that overwhelm after a trip to Lviv!

A busy week began with the International Dental Exhibition “Dental-Expo” – this is one of the exhibitions of the dental sector, which gives you the opportunity to acquaint specialists with the trends in the dental industry, to take part in scientific events and to purchase modern equipment, materials and tools.
After participating in the exhibition on April 11, we held a practical master class with the participation of 3 lecturers:
Nagornyak Ivan:
Implant planning: radiographic examination (sighting, panoramic radiography, computed tomography). Types of implantation: classical (two-stage), single-stage (one-stage), direct, delayed. Surgical protocol of classical two-stage implantation on the example of various clinical cases.
Magalia Nikita:
The use of surgical patterns in practice and the algorithm of cooperation with the manufacturer. Providing a link between planning, operation and final design. Contraindications, risk factors, complications when using templates. Errors in the positioning of the implants, control of the site, cancellation and depth of the implant.
Zagorodni Dmitry:
Legal support of the medical practice of a dentist, surgeon-implantologist.
And on April 12,13, of course, we took part in the most important event of this year:
IMPLANTCONGRESS is a well-known and recognized school of “living” practice, a school of professionalism. Here all levels – from student to professional in the desire to achieve the heights of professional excellence. Unforgettable and very interesting!