History of the company

U-impl company was established in 1999. The main purpose of it was to set up production of implants and tools for their installation. Work on the prototype of today’s implant began in 1988.

The experimental and clinical studies in Cyprus, Poland, Germany, the United States has shown the high efficiency of the implants. Histomorphometry experimental samples by Professor Adriano Piateli (Italy) confirmed the high implant osseointegration. In 2007, we started cooperation with leading European companies such as Leitner AG, Metalor Dental AG and Z-systems AG. In 2008 the company reorganized with a view to the introduction of modern, latest technology. A new structure – «U-impl Switzerland GMBH» headquartered Biel, CH-2502 Arbergstrasse, 107a, Phone / Fax +41 (0) 3232-301-88, www.simplswiss.ch.

Today the company U-impl successfully walks Niwa scientific and technical improvement and its primary purpose is not only considers the development of implant practices, but also improve the health and quality of life of society as a whole.