The final report of the U-Impl training program

For many years we have been conducting courses on dental implantation, based on the theoretical and practical basis of AIU, and every year we give the opportunity and support to all those who wish to master all the intricacies of implantology skills not only in theory but in practice! This year was very productive and active. We visited many cities, and held practical master classes in Poltava, Kharkiv, Cherkassy, ​​Zaporozhye, Lviv and of course in Kiev. During 2017, 37 general courses, 50 courses for dental implantation and 62 implant prosthesis courses were conducted at the U-Impl training center. Surgery course was attended by more than 50 students. Orthopedic course was attended by 74 cadets. Also, about 50 specialists were trained in urgent conditions by visiting our emergency courses!
Throughout the year we worked tirelessly at exhibitions, visiting seminars, conferences and symposiums. And also launched a new training seminar on legal aspects in dental practice!
During the year 2018, external master classes and lectures will be planned in all regions of Ukraine, during each month we will conduct 1 outbound course by involving our dealer network and clients. So to the new meetings in the New 2018!