Practical case: how our students consolidate their knowledge after courses in the operating room

Dear colleagues, on the basis of individual courses at U-Impl, we provide doctors with the opportunity not only in theoretical training, but also to develop practical skills in phantom models.

Also, after completing the courses, we invite you to the operating room, so that the knowledge gained is fixed in a clinical case. Before graduating to independent practice, our graduates have the opportunity to go through a full-fledged operational day as an assistant surgeon-implantologist, during the operation we discuss everything that happens and answer questions.

We present you one of the cases:

The patient was 1959, 7 teeth were removed (the rest were left to fix the bite during rehabilitation), bone plastic in the 2nd segment, and the installation of 7 implants of the U-Impl company, the manufacture of a temporary structure with immediate load on the implants. The operation was performed under medical sedation of the patient, the time of continuous operation: 6 hours 30 minutes.

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