Phased protocol orthopedic prosthesis on dental implants with the use of different types of fixing

Theoretically PART:

  • Planning for orthopedic treatment – team approach.
  • Types of fixing dentures on implants, distinctions and classifications. (Removable and non-removable prosthesis implant, cement, screw, Trimmer, teleskopichaskaya fixation and fixation with ball-abutments.)
  • Features protocol lifting prints from dental and mplantatov.
  • Clinical and laboratory stages for each fi IRGC platform.
  • Transfer-check-check and abatmant individual spoon – what are they for?
  • Control of dental equipment at all stages of the laboratory procedures.
  • What is the best fixation: cement or intovaya?
  • Rules of the torque wrench on the different types of Abat cops.
  • Immediate loading – when it is justified? (Advantages and disadvantages).
  • Aesthetics on implants – nothing is impossible.
  • Forecast and long-term outcomes, care construction.
  • Analysis of clinical cases – possible mistakes and complications. (Clinical materials the participants of the course.)

Practical part:

  • Removing the impression from the level of implants and abutments in different cus cal situations (single implant multiple implants.)
  • Selection of abutments for a variety of clinical situations.
  • Analysis of different types of prosthesis on implants.
  • Securing the manual skills when working with implant system components.
  • Rules of the torque wrench into different abutments and implants.
  • Formation of orthopedic prosthetics toolkit for different clinical situations.