Kohler Dental Instruments!

Friends, we will see you, as the company U-Impl is the main official representative and supplier in Ukraine, of dental instruments of the Nimetsky Virobniztva KOHLER, in the line of representations of orthopedics there is a wide range of therapies for dentists!

Bagato positions were presented at the Wistavkiy Vіtrina in Kiev.

Our managers will help you to adjust the vibe, give you an overview of all food on the product and send subject photos and videos and tools as you think – if you are in the same place.

Likewise, you can replace lots from the catalog, so you can refer you, you can go to the e-mail for a fee.

For the drive of the appraisal and detailed information, go to the number mob .: +380674063199, +380504440203.