The topic of the conference


“Evolution of implantology” is not an excursion into history, we do not begin ab ovo, but on the contrary – we are immersed in today. Our priority is dynamic development!

IMPLANTCONGRESS is a well-known and recognized school of “living” practices, a school of specialty. Everyone here is from a student to a professional. Levels in the desire to reach the heights of professional excellence. We give you the “key” to success – take advantage of it!

For you, we choose the best and most experienced speakers. Their names are the symbols of professionalism, success, and world-wide recognition!

To save the intrigue, we do not open the names of everyone, and every week we will add the program with new names. This is a real “parade of stars” and today we are glad to present them to you:

Domenico Massironi (Italy)
Titiano Tesnori (Italy)
Alpodogan Cantarchi (USA)
Joshua Polanski (USA)
Daniel Kardaropoli (Italy)
Pascal Valentine (France)
Sofia Aroka (Switzerland)
Mario Beretta (Italy)
Jörg Mayle (Germany)

And this is not all) We will soon announce the “full list”!

You will hear those who are not the first time our guest, for whom our conference is already a good tradition and a great opportunity for communication. We invited the speakers who will open up new faces, they are at the top of professional success and share with you his secrets.

It is always interesting to discover star names for yourself!

In our program, we do not endeavor to reach the hug, but offer the most immersive practical content in three parallel streams:

Implantologists – “Evolution of implantology”
Orthopedics and dental technicians – “Orthopedic and digital aspects in implantology”
Periodontologists and dental hygienists – “Periodontological treatment, peri-implant risks and preventive hygiene”

The main thematic sessions on April 11 are preceded by two important events, “level up!”

Pre-Congress on Dental Education
Theoretical and practical master classes
And there are 3 thematic modules that can not be skipped:

Methods of anesthesia during dental implantation
Features of orthopedic treatment using implants in modern warfare.
Symposium of young scientists and doctors
And, as usual, an exhibition of famous dental brands.

The conference program is still under construction and will soon be open for familiarization. We will immediately notify you! This is an event that we have been waiting for and preparing for a long time – it is also the 20th anniversary of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine. Everything will be relevant!