Zaporozhye – mission accomplished! 

The extensive program relentless work and excellent friendly atmosphere. All this, of theoretical – practical course: “Everything you need to know about dental implants from Theory to Practice” held 04/28/2017 in Zaporizhzhya, during the third Khortickiy dental forum, under the auspices of the Association of Implantology Ukraine, within the professional support dentists within third Khortickiy dental forum.

The course examined:

  1. Implantation as a method of rehabilitation. Surgical protocol from planning to the removal of stitches;
  2. The use of surgical templates and practical cooperation with algorithm manufacturer templates;
  3. Emergency conditions in dental practice practicing practical skills on phantoms;
  4. Orthopedic prosthetic protocol for dental implants;
  5. Practical Course for Dental developing skills implants.

Thanks to all cadets for their active participation and a warm welcome.
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