Міжнародна академія інноваційної стоматології

Methods implant planning based on a comparison of CT and models of the jaws allows you to:

  • A significant reduction in the time of surgery,
  • Predictability result of treatment,
  • Ability to exclude sinus lift and augmentation, the optimal use of bone-building
  • Minimum transgingival technique without cuts and peel flap
  • Decrease injuries mucosal
  • Reduction of post-operative recovery period,
  • Accurate transfer of virtual planning in the clinical setting,
  • Installation of implants based on the type of planned prosthetic restoration, taking into account the topography of the jaw bone,
  • Dental implantation with high accuracy to a fraction of a millimeter yu,
  • Ability to demonstrate and discuss the results of the dental implant with the patient, that is, strengthening the confidence of the patient in a favorable outcome of the treatment,
  • Warning of possible complications arising during surgery: mandibular nerve damage, the roots of adjacent teeth, perforation of the maxillary sinus, preserving the distance between the implants and the roots of the teeth, or monitoring critical distances.

Key features DDS-PRO:

  • Allows you to record patient data, treatment plan and instructions to colleagues in one place
  • Has a convenient viewer for 3D visualization of data obtained by the scanner,
  • Allows you to carry out any measurement,
  • Allows you to compare the scanned plaster model and the data obtained by CT,
  • Provides control over individual tissue types,
  • Allows you to work with various implant manufacturers.